Cindy Milley

First Impressions

Sexy Cindy Milley begins her tour by displaying a picture of herself in a schoolgirl outfit that features a cropped white shirt, a tie and a super short red plaid skirt. It’s the perfect picture because it shows off her huge rack and her relatively flat stomach, which is something of an anomaly. She also claims to be just your average teen girl, but anyone who’s seen her knows that a girl this beautiful can hardly be called average. Instead Cindy is a gorgeous teen babe with a penchant for showing off her amazing body.

Hot Promises

Cindy turned to the web after turning 18 and put her 30H-23-34 figure to use. Now she has more than 7,000 pictures and 40 video clips waiting for her fans to enjoy. The tour offers pictures from her latest updates, all of which look pretty sexy, and a gallery of more than 40 preview pictures. I’d recommend checking them out if you’re thinking about joining; they offer a good overview of what you’ll find inside. You can also watch a sample video and see her exceptional beauty in action.


Cindy doesn’t waste time when it comes to the member’s area. All the picture galleries are listed on the member’s main page, each with a sizable thumbnailed picture and a short title. The picture is generally a good indicator of what kind of content is inside the gallery. Cindy also uses the main page for news updates, although there aren’t many of them so it won’t be getting too cluttered.

There are currently 49 picture galleries (as of July 15, 2007) with one addition being made every week. Most galleries have 75-150 images and the thumbnails all load on one page. The server is fast so it doesn’t take long for them to load, but the thumbnails could have been a little larger. Cindy’s been working the web for nearly a year now and in that time her style hasn’t changed much. Of course, she had it right from the get go so there was no real reason to change anything. In her first ever picture set she’s posing in a tight blue crop top, a short blue skirt and white fishnet stockings. As in every other gallery she looks awfully hot, especially her enormous breasts.

Cindy is a non nude model that’s interested in showing off her body but not giving away the farm. When a girl won’t go all the way in her galleries it’s important that she entertain her members in some way. If she were to pose in the same outfit week after week without stripping it would get awfully boring. Cindy does a good job of raiding her wardrobe for creative outfits; I would imagine she hits up the lingerie and costume store quite often as well. My favorite thing about the site is her penchant for costumes.

In the fourth picture gallery she shot Cindy is posing in a sexy low cut nurse’s uniform. Other costumes include that of a prison inmate, a slutty schoolgirl, a French maid, a naughty police officer, an FBI agent, and a soccer referee. All the costumes are cut to look as revealing as possible. The other thing I enjoyed very much about Cindy’s picture galleries was all the satin she wears. I find the soft and shiny look of satin to be flattering on any woman, but it’s especially true when that woman has enormous breasts like Cindy. You’ll find her in satin in quite a few galleries and it looks lovely.

Cindy also offers video clips for her members. The videos are filmed in concert with the picture galleries, but they aren’t simply filmed versions of the photo shoots. Instead Cindy wears the same outfit you see in the picture gallery and puts on a quick show for you. The picture gallery Brushing Teeth has 90 images of Cindy standing in front of the sink brushing her teeth and checking herself out in the mirror while she wears a blue satin bathrobe. The video is very similar in that we watch Cindy step up to the sink and brush her teeth. However, the added thrill is that you can watch as her breasts sway back and forth due to the movements of her arm. Plus, it’s a pleasure to see a glimpse of her panties when she opens the robe.

The videos are presented in AVI format and run at 640x480. The high resolution would normally cause the videos to be rather enormous in size, but because they’re generally short you won’t have to wait long for each scene to download. Almost all of the picture galleries have a corresponding video, but there are about ten that are missing. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I was forced I’d pick the one in which Cindy poses in her schoolgirl uniform in what looks like a field of corn. The uniform is plenty hot, but it’s the seductive dance that Cindy does that really sold me. She clearly possesses seductive knowledge far beyond her 19 years of age and she showed just about all of it in that clip.

The only other content to see at CindyMilley is an interview she did with ChestMeat. Basically, all the content has been confined to one page, which makes browsing quite easy. There’s at least two or three months worth of stuff here, especially when you consider she updates at least once a week and hasn’t missed an update in ages.

Croco’s Opinion

When I first came across CindyMilley I wasn’t sure I’d really dig what she had to offer. However, after checking out the member’s area I can say that she’s won me over. In addition to being beautiful Cindy has a great rack and a sensuality that simply can’t be taught. She’s no doubt honed it over the years and it’s clear that she knows how to seduce a man and give her members the thrill of a lifetime. Considering the reasonable price I think joining her site is a great investment for anyone that finds her attractive.


Given that the entire member’s area is confined to one page it couldn’t be any easier to browse.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or online check. Membership is $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 for every 30 days after that. You can also pay for 3 months up front for the bargain price of $44.95.

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